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Hello, my name is Felix R. Corson.  I love to read and write. I have always been a prolific scribbler of notes and writer of spur-of-the-moment poems, thoughts, and diaries.  I wish I still had the outlines of books I created when I was younger!

During high school and college, I wrote classical music, poems, short stories, and movie and book reviews.  I remember how much I loved writing (and composing and playing music); now I want to re-visit the talents and gifts God gave me and share them with you.

My delight: to inspire and entertain with unique and unusual collections of poetry.

My passion though is currently in progress: a serial collection of thrilling Christian End-Times novels.  Combining Biblical and extra-biblical Prophecies, fictional characters and plots will come to life to weave a Bible-based speculative narrative of the End of the Age.

As “teasers” for these novels, I will be publishing short stories to leave you asking yourself deep and profound questions about the meaning of life, “what’s next?”, and wondering how in the world all of these characters could possibly make a narrative that will, at the same time, thrill you, and also possibly scare the living daylights out of you!

Follow my progress and publications on Twitter here: @foliosfromfelix.  I am also on Tumblr as End Times 101, on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit, at the moment.

Happy reading, and happy life.  I look forward to seeing you on the INSIDE of my upcoming End Times novels.

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Blog #5 Anticipated release of the following literature during 2017

Source: Blog #5 Anticipated release of the following literature during 2017

Blog #4 Paperback version of Volume 2, Bible Promises in Modern Haiku, to be released mid-week

Source: Blog #4 Paperback version of Volume 2, Bible Promises in Modern Haiku, to be released mid-week

Blog #5 Anticipated release of the following literature during 2017

  1. A collection of very first, thought-provoking and soul-searching Poems, again in a unique format, based on the life experiences of the Poet.

  2. “Question and Answer” reference book(s) written by a Certified Public Accountant with 30 years experience in Taxation, Estate, non-profits, family tax and financial planning.  These books will offer answers to the sometimes unusual and overlooked tax questions, Americans “should have asked” their accountants about significant, legal and important personal and business deductions, as well as tax planning and related topics.

  3. A suspense Novel about a lying brother, and three sisters caught in his web of deception.  Who will come to their rescue?  A husband of one of the sisters? A family friend?   Perhaps a detective who is dedicated to bringing swindlers and liars to justice?

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Blog #4 Paperback version of Volume 2, Bible Promises in Modern Haiku, to be released mid-week

This Volume will be printed in Color (Credits, and Titles).  Thus the U.S. printing cost increased.  We will be releasing this Paperback on the Kindle Store this week for an initial price of $9.99. 

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Blog #3 Haiku collections, Vol 1 & 2, reduced to only $.99! Paperback in 8.5 x 11 reduced to $4.50. Take advantage of these lower prices while they last

We have just reduced the eBook price on Kindle to $.99, a 50% decrease in the asking price.  These are BEAUTIFUL, well written, concise, and inspiring Bible Promises in the 17-syllable format, in English.

We have reduced the Paper Book price, normally $6.99, to $4.50, a 36% reduction.  At this price, we are barely making any profit per book.
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The Paper Back version of Volume 2 is expected to be published this Tuesday, and available on the Kindle store for shipping by Wednesday to Friday.

Please check back for more information, updates on works we are publishing, etc.


Blog #2: Collection of haiku, Vol 2

Well, we finally published Volume 2 of “Bible Promises in Modern Haiku” by Arigatai Deshi, which I edited and published.  The eBook link is below.

The Cover for Volume 2 in paperback, on Creme paper, AND in the unexpected 8 1/2 x 11 size, is in process now, and we expect to publish the Paperback version, about 34 pages again, by August 1.

This fascinating collection of “traditional” haiku, meaning each one is exactly 17-syllables, highlights the author’s precise use of certain words and unusual metaphors.

His style also makes for an entertaining way of “distilling” each verse or verses down into a “modern” English form of inspiring, uplifting, and unique formats, while holding true to the intent of the original Scriptures.

A lot of time, effort and inspiration went into creating this collection, and we believe $1.99 as the price for the eBook, and $6.99 for the paperback, are great bargains and fully worth the price.

The cover art is exquisite by itself, and the paperbacks, suitable for display on your coffee table, make great gifts for your pastor, church leaders, family, co-workers, and friends.

Now on to new projects, such as long poetry with again, unusual and unique vantage points and themes.  Also being planned, is a series of Christian fiction novels centered on the Second coming of Jesus Christ, and all the biblical prophecies (there are over 300 in the Bible!) that go with it.

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Blog #1 – End Times Christian Novel Series in the research and outlining stage

I’m excited.  Here’s why:

Be on the look-out for many blogs and eventual release of short stories as eBooks on Kindle, which will be teasers related to a series of novels I’m working on about past, current and future world events, and how the characters I create fit into the narrative of “what’s coming”…

…and more importantly, WHO is coming!

Working currently on “which” “Tribulation” and “Rapture” position to take for the outline process related to plot, subplots, characters, and events-planning within the End Times narrative.

Your comments, critical or supportive, are welcome!

If you want to discuss in a positive way, the details of Christian theology as it relates to current and future world events (prophecies), I’m open to that, let me know.

Stay tuned…

wpbc2b002a_06 Second Coming No 1

Free eBook Promotion Starting Tomorrow Wed July 19!

For five days starting tomorrow, we are offering our First Volume of 90 Haiku for free! These unusual, challenging and unique Haiku stay true to the original intent of the Scriptures, covering 30 areas of Promises found in the Bible.  This is in anticipation of the Author completing Volume 2 of 90 additional unique Haiku covering 30 new Bible Promise topics.  Get your copy while they last.  Originally only .99 in eBook format, the paperback book will also be available starting tomorrow for only $5.99.  These will make wonderful and unique gifts for your friends, family, and loved ones that appreciate the Holy Bible!



Released! Vol 1 of Haiku Collection

See Facebook Post!


Updated and revised E Book on Kindle of Bible Promises in Haiku, written in English.

The author uses poetic insights, descriptive words and alliteration to ENTERTAININGLY CAPTURE the Scriptures given, in 30 Topics, while staying true to the original intent of the Scriptures.

Check this out!

This is Volume 1, Volume 2 of 90 more Haiku on 30 new Bible topics is in the works for release this summer.