Collection of Haiku, Vol. 1, to be published

Very shortly, Folios From Felix LLC, which I manage as the Sole Member, will publish on the Amazon Kindle Store, a short collection of 90 Haiku written in English, on 30 Topics of Promises made by God in the Holy Bible.  The Author is Arigatai Deshi.

We would appreciate your interest in this short Collection, by purchasing the Kindle E-book, and leaving a thoughtful, honest critique of the Haiku on the Kindle Store.  Mr. Deshi will then have a better idea of how to write traditional Haiku in American English, using the 17-syllable format as presented in the Collection.

A Japanese translation is in the works, and will be released this year, ALONG WITH a Second Volume of 90 Haiku in English, based on 30 different Topics of promises in the Holy Bible.

We thank you in advance for your interest, support, and motivation!


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