Introduction and blogs

Hello, my name is Felix R. Corson.  I love to read and write. I have always been a prolific scribbler of notes and writer of spur-of-the-moment poems, thoughts, and diaries.  I wish I still had the outlines of books I created when I was younger!

During high school and college, I wrote classical music, poems, short stories, and movie and book reviews.  I remember how much I loved writing (and composing and playing music); now I want to re-visit the talents and gifts God gave me and share them with you.

My delight: to inspire and entertain with unique and unusual collections of poetry.

My passion though is currently in progress: a serial collection of thrilling Christian End-Times novels.  Combining Biblical and extra-biblical Prophecies, fictional characters and plots will come to life to weave a Bible-based speculative narrative of the End of the Age.

As “teasers” for these novels, I will be publishing short stories to leave you asking yourself deep and profound questions about the meaning of life, “what’s next?”, and wondering how in the world all of these characters could possibly make a narrative that will, at the same time, thrill you, and also possibly scare the living daylights out of you!

Follow my progress and publications on Twitter here: @foliosfromfelix.  I am also on Tumblr as End Times 101, on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit, at the moment.

Happy reading, and happy life.  I look forward to seeing you on the INSIDE of my upcoming End Times novels.

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