Blog #1 – End Times Christian Novel Series in the research and outlining stage

I’m excited.  Here’s why:

Be on the look-out for many blogs and eventual release of short stories as eBooks on Kindle, which will be teasers related to a series of novels I’m working on about past, current and future world events, and how the characters I create fit into the narrative of “what’s coming”…

…and more importantly, WHO is coming!

Working currently on “which” “Tribulation” and “Rapture” position to take for the outline process related to plot, subplots, characters, and events-planning within the End Times narrative.

Your comments, critical or supportive, are welcome!

If you want to discuss in a positive way, the details of Christian theology as it relates to current and future world events (prophecies), I’m open to that, let me know.

Stay tuned…

wpbc2b002a_06 Second Coming No 1

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