Blog #3 Haiku collections, Vol 1 & 2, reduced to only $.99! Paperback in 8.5 x 11 reduced to $4.50. Take advantage of these lower prices while they last

We have just reduced the eBook price on Kindle to $.99, a 50% decrease in the asking price.  These are BEAUTIFUL, well written, concise, and inspiring Bible Promises in the 17-syllable format, in English.

We have reduced the Paper Book price, normally $6.99, to $4.50, a 36% reduction.  At this price, we are barely making any profit per book.
These make WONDERFUL gifts for your pastor, priest, family, friends, and co-workers, etc.  Suitable for display on Coffee Tables, and beautifully laid out, 90 Haiku, on Creme paper between a gorgeous color cover.

Please give Kindle 12-72 hours to make them available at these reduced prices.

The Paper Back version of Volume 2 is expected to be published this Tuesday, and available on the Kindle store for shipping by Wednesday to Friday.

Please check back for more information, updates on works we are publishing, etc.


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