Blog #5 Anticipated release of the following literature during 2017

  1. A collection of very first, thought-provoking and soul-searching Poems, again in a unique format, based on the life experiences of the Poet.

  2. “Question and Answer” reference book(s) written by a Certified Public Accountant with 30 years experience in Taxation, Estate, non-profits, family tax and financial planning.  These books will offer answers to the sometimes unusual and overlooked tax questions, Americans “should have asked” their accountants about significant, legal and important personal and business deductions, as well as tax planning and related topics.

  3. A suspense Novel about a lying brother, and three sisters caught in his web of deception.  Who will come to their rescue?  A husband of one of the sisters? A family friend?   Perhaps a detective who is dedicated to bringing swindlers and liars to justice?

Check our Site often to ensure you don’t miss out on the original publication of these interesting, informative, and entertaining pieces of Literature!


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