About Me

About me and why I’m here!

I’m a self-published author and poet.  Yes I come from a business background, but also have “attached to my heart”: a very talented and artistic family history.

My purpose is to make a difference in today’s world with informative, inspiring, and entertaining Literature.

I will publish non-fiction books, mostly in the “Self-Help” and Spiritual category.

In fiction, I have published and will publish collections of original poems and Haikus. And Novels of course.

My biggest passion is on the drawing board right now:

A thriller/mystery/suspense serial collection of novels, centering on Bible End Times prophecies. And the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

My fictional characters will weave their way through God’s seemingly complicated plan for the world.  If you’ve read and have a grasp of the Books of Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, etc, then you’re ahead of the curve!

Yes I know there’s many “interpretations” and “theories” about Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, etc. And what all that means.

But first I’ll be publishing very short stories as eBooks – teasers to get you thinking and wondering, “How IS God going to intervene again almost 2000 years later and bring His Eternal Kingdom to pass?”

My goal is that these novels will delight you, entertain you, and perhaps scare the living daylights out of you….but for a purpose.

We humans are focused only on today it seems, but we are swimming in uncharted waters.  Only God knows where He (and us) are heading!  Are you ready for the most important 7+ years in the history of mankind?

Stay tuned.  This will be a fun, inspirational, and entertaining series of fiction.

Please check back soon for Links to my Kindle short stories, poetry, Ebooks and more.

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