Haiku, Vol 2

Well, we finally published Volume 2 of “Bible Promises in Modern Haiku” by Arigatai Deshi, which I edited and published.  The eBook link is above.

The Cover for Volume 2 in paperback, on Creme paper, AND in the unexpected 8 1/2 x 11 size, is in process now, and we expect to publish the Paperback version, about 34 pages again, by August 1.

This fascinating collection of “traditional” haiku, meaning each one is exactly 17-syllables, highlights the author’s precise use of certain words and unusual metaphors.

His style also makes for an entertaining way of “distilling” each verse or verses down into a “modern” English form of inspiring, uplifting, and unique formats, while holding true to the intent of the original Scriptures.

A lot of time, effort and inspiration went into creating this collection, and we believe $1.99 as the price for the eBook, and $6.99 for the paperback, are great bargains and fully worth the price.  The cover art is exquisite by itself, and the paperbacks, suitable for display on your coffee table, make great gifts for your pastor, church leaders, family, co-workers, and friends.

Now on to new projects, such as long poetry with again, unusual and unique vantage points and themes.  Also being planned is a series of Christian fiction novels centered on the Second coming of Jesus Christ, and all the biblical prophecies (there are over 300 in the Bible!) that go with it.

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